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Prevailing Over Technology!

Prevailing Technology, Inc. helps establish your technology as the prevailing technology. Exploit our expertise during any phase of your product development--anywhere from more clearly defining your product, identifying target users, developing your product, making it easier to use, creating crucial customer-friendly technical collateral, increasing customer adoption and design wins, improving time to revenue, or reducing product development and support costs.

  • Define - critical features, target users and markets, user case scenarios, system architecture, technical marketing plans, competitive comparisons and benchmarking, development and test plans
  • Develop - FPGAs, ARM+FPGAs, embedded systems, software testing, evaluation boards and systems, design libraries, software libraries, intellectual property (IP) cores, reference designs, application design examples, VHDL, Verilog, embedded C, firware, assembly code
  • Document - data sheets, reference manuals, design handbooks, application notes, user guides, white papers, trade publication articles, conference papers
  • Deploy - field training, customer training, training videos, self-support web sites, customer affinity web sites, user group meetings, technical seminars

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